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The type of video that we create depends on your unique story and selling proposition. Once our marketing team has met with you to discover the unique advantage you have in the marketplace, we suggest the best type of video for your campaign. StorySellers can tell your story in a video type that corresponds to the method that best engages your potential clients. Some of the types of videos that we have produced include:

  • Commercial – this is not the typical cheesy video that most of our competitors produce. Our commercials are creative and catchy. They tell your story in a movie trailer format. We create commercials that are high impact, memorable, and with a call to action. We attempt to make each video so that the viewer will not only act, but pass the video on to their friends and colleagues.
  • Promotional – If you want to promote an event, we know how to create a video that will make the viewer want to attend or support your event.
  • Educational – Process and procedures that are duplicable can be consistently learned by video. If you have a message that needs to be told, we know how to tell it.
  • Instructional – Whether it be a "how to" video, or a series of lessons, we can create a video that viewer will actually enjoy watching.
  • Fundraising – We create videos that inspire, move, and engage the viewer. They will often come away with passion for your cause moved to support your agency. The fundraising videos are the most fun to create because they are filled with emotion and cause.
  • Product Sales – if you have yacht, boat, plane, house, or any other high dollar item for sale, video is a way to differentiate your product from the rest of the field. We will glamorize your product in such a way that you may not even want to sell it!
  • Digital Signage – If you have a flat screen in your reception area, or at a trade show, we can create a video that excites and engages your audience. It can be played on a loop so that your company is communicating at every opportunity.
  • Legacy Video – The founder of a company had a reason for starting the company. Often when he or she retires, the new regime doesn’t carry on the exact passion and purpose. Recording the story of the founder from interviews, photographs, and other means is an excellent way to preserve that core culture. Additionally, legacy videos can be a great way to escort a founder into retirement and give him or her the assurance that their vision will be kept consistent.
  • Pay Per View – We can create a video for pay per view to deliver meaningful content.



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