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StorySellers can use a variety of means to convey your story. Depending on the video type, industry, and purpose, the style of video can be any of the following:

  • Humorous
  • Dramatic
  • Sincere
  • Irreverent
  • Classical
  • Viral
  • Graphic
  • Melodramatic
  • Musical
  • Screenplay
  • Live action, stop motion


Video Marketing

More about Online Video Marketing

Online video marketing is one of the fastest growing segments of business development investing amongst informed business leaders today. The reason is simple: video marketing produces measurable results. No longer do people have time to read lengthy website copy in an attempt to understand your business. The way that people prefer to get their information has changed, and now businesses are adapting by turning their pages and pages of dry text into compelling video marketing.


Online video marketing engages the viewer into a call to action in just a minute or two. Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research calculated that one minute of video is actually worth 1.8 million words of text.” Think about that. If you took the time to write a new web page of content each day, it would take you almost a year and a half to write 1.8 million words that nobody would take the time to read. .


People have too many options. According to new research from Google, we spend 4.4 hours of leisure time in front of screens every day, and 90% of all media interactions are screen based. This includes smartphones, laptops, tablets, and TVs, and it has led to the reality of the always on consumer. Your competition is not necessarily another business that sells a similar product or service. Rather, the competition for obtaining new customers is information overload. If you can’t grab them quickly, they are gone. Video marketing studies show that 19% of online video viewers leave within the first 10 seconds, and 44% leave before one minute has gone by. Consequently, it is not just video marketing that you need, but compelling, entertaining, and engaging online video; a story - with a call to action - which will give you results. .


Saying “Miracle Soap gets your clothes 90 times cleaner than other laundry liquids” isn’t a story. It is a product claim. It lacks theme, plot development, and characters. The best stories tend to be affirmations rather than negations. To tell a story, you have to know who you are starting with. You have to know where you are going, and what happens in the middle. Your story should be fast paced, direct, and get you to the message. .


Matt Lawrence, Creative Director of Studio at Huge said, “Companies need to realize that video has become the primary channel for consuming content online. Quality video content balances information and entertainment that viewers can relate to their daily lives, on a visceral level. The word of the year for 2013 is "story.".


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What’s your story? Why do customers come to you instead of your competition? What is the “secret sauce” of your unique sales proposition? Every business, large and small, began as a vision in the mind of its founder. The vision was of a product or a service – ultimately an unmet market demand. This is the almost sacred foundation of the business venture. .


Do you ever think to yourself “if only more people knew just how good we are?” Online video marketing is the key to getting the word out. Don’t make the mistake of simply filming your business, interview a few employees or customers, interview yourself, and pan the front of your building. Use online video marketing to tell your story in a movie trailer, cinematic format that engages the viewer into your desired call to action. At the end, create a call to action which may include:

  • Selling a product – the viewer can click directly to your shopping cart to purchase an item.
  • Have the viewer fill out an online “contact us” form – while their interest is high, you can generate qualified leads.
  • Obtain new email addresses for your database – build a large network of potential clients to update on a periodic basis.
  • Get more “likes” on Facebook – gain followers and they will lead you to more customers.
  • Print off a discount coupon – you can measure and track the new clients obtained through your video messaging.
  • Obtain additional financing – let a video tell your story to attract investors to grow your business.
  • Attract new employees – everyone wants to be on a winning team.
  • Establish your brand – differentiate yourself from your competition.

Remember, (and this is THE MOST IMPORTANT…) the endgame is ENGAGEMENT – building a meaningful and sustainable relationship with an audience, one video viewer at a time. .


Consider your cause, and picture your unique story coming to life on screen. You may be saying, “But, video is expensive.” Sure, it can be. But digital technology has made video much less expensive than in the past. I encourage you to look at your budget, move things around, and/or start saving — think about the big picture and how this investment can bring you more dollars. .


With the barrage of noise attacking all of us constantly, your message needs to be heard. You can’t afford not to invest in online video marketing. Consider how much you invest in your sales team. You may very easily add an additional salesperson for $50,000 or more per year. Yet online video marketing can bring you customers while you sleep. Online video doesn’t need to be motivated, doesn’t take sick days, and doesn’t ever take vacation. Online video coupled with an effective SEO strategy could very well replace sales teams as we know it. .


Storytelling is the key to successful marketing. And, in my opinion, video is a must-have for any organization’s content strategy. Your mission is worth the investment. Steve Farmiloe is President and founder of StorySellers, a marketing organization that utilizes Hollywood quality video to bring clients additional revenue. Call us at (707) 321-5921.


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