From meeting to delivery


  • 1. Prospect is identified as a potential ideal client. (An "ideal" client is a business in any industry that is interested in increasing their sales and market share).
  • 2. Prospect appointment is set up by salesperson.
  • 3. We complete market research prior to meeting with you. We seek to understand your unique sales proposition (USP). We think about how to tell your story. How would we suggest that you differentiate themselves?
  • 4. We research competitors - Google your service or product, check out your competition.
  • 5. Meeting with the client. Video inspires a call to action, text does not. What is "your story?" Why did you start the business? Why are you better than the competition? You took tremendous risk to start your business. It is our privilege to come alongside you and help you achieve your business dreams.
  • 6. Discuss your budget and time frame. We discuss what it takes to make a movie trailer for your business all designed at creating a call to action - bringing you more business. We are not simply a video company that films you talking, scans the front of the building, and ends with a dry sales pitch. Rather, we put "your story" into a mini movie.
  • 7. Explain the next steps. We will go back and discuss this opportunity with our marketing team which includes the Creative Producer. We will then send you a proposal that we feel will be able to achieve the goals you are looking for.
  • 8. Send a proposal. All proposals will be reviewed by our President Steve Farmiloe so that the quality of our productions are unparalleled. Proposals should be sent within 3 days of the client meeting.
  • 9. Follow up. Salesperson will follow up on the sent proposal within 48 hours of the proposal being sent.
  • 10. Order acceptance.
  • 11. Storyboard Prepared. Once 50% deposit has been received, the script and Storyboard will be prepared for your approval. (Payment terms may vary - normally videos up to $10,000 are 50% deposit prior to production and 50% payment upon completion but prior to video delivery. Larger cost videos may be 25% upon order acceptance, 25% prior to production, 25% after production is completed, and 25% upon completion, but prior to video delivery.)
  • 12. Storyboard Presented and Approved. The Creative Producer and the salesperson meet with you to present the storyboard concept.
  • 13. Creative Producer coordinates the filming crew, actors, grips, camera equipment, lighting, dolly, and anything else they need per the pre-approved production budget.
  • 14. Creative Producer assembles stock footage of additional material if needed to put together the entire filming footage.
  • 15. Creative Producer notifies Professional Editor.
  • 16. Creative Producer guides and directs the entire edit.
  • 17. Pre-approval - First draft is emailed to our President Steve Farmiloe and the salesperson for pre-approval.
  • 18. Customer approval - You are then presented the approved video for your acceptance.
  • 19. Any minor adjustments may be made by the Creative Producer and the editor per your request.
  • 20. Paid in full – After the invoice is paid in full, the final video is presented to you.
  • 21. Final video is delivered to you with full rights of use.
  • 22. Strategic Consultation - Salesperson and our President Steve Farmiloe meet with you for a strategic consultation on how to best distribute the finished video.
  • 23. Other services - Other services available to you include (monthly service fee is additional):
    • a. Establish and manage the video distribution per the agreed strategy (website, social media, email campaigns, strategic partnership alliances, QR code triggers, GPS blasts, printed material, television campaigns, and more.)
    • b. Monitor the video and how many people view it.
    • c. Monitor the increase of business as a result of the video.
    • d.Cross market video and StorySellers, Inc.
  • 24. Cycle touch - the Salesperson will stay in contact with you after the sale to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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The Process


Story Telling Using Videos


"Our experience working with the team at Storysellers has been exemplary. Steve and his staff are true professionals. They're knowledgeable and forthright, and their passion for our project has been clearly evident throughout. They brought fresh ideas to the table in a spirit of true collaboration, and we have thoroughly enjoyed the entire process. We know we're in good hands with Storysellers!" - Chris Starenko



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