Why your San Francisco Business Website needs professional video

Video has truly become a huge part of modern business marketing strategies. Whether you are using it as a sales or conversion tool, for training, or something else, it is much more successful and efficient than not using video for those purposes. We could go on and on about the positive impact that using videos will have on your business, and we have. But you don’t just need video, you need professional video.

It’s true that you could go to a local electronics store, pick out a high definition camcorder and a tripod, and call yourself a videographer. Many people do just that. However, there are many reasons not to, and many reasons why you should also be weary of hiring someone who did just that.

Creating a professional video from start to finish is both a large field of study, and an art form. Technology may be able to get you started, but there is no substitute for the expertise and practice that professional videographers will have. First of all, we know how to correctly prepare. We have trained experts for scripting, planning, and storyboarding that are all coordinated by an experienced director that has been through the creative process many times before.

When shooting, our directors know how to guide the actors, and develop the scene exactly how it was envisioned since they understand how to translate the pre-production process into production, and how it needs to be set up so that post production can be done correctly. You can put all of the same cooking ingredients in front of a master chef, and a novice, and you will get nowhere near the same results from the two of them. Experience and talent will prevail.

But also don’t confuse having a consumer HD camcorder, for being able to shoot full quality movies. 1080p high definition is a level of compression, not a rating for quality. It can have an effect on it, but ultimately has nothing to do with how clear your video will be. The professional grade cameras we have in our arsenal have much better color and low light performance due to much better lens technology and larger image sensors in the cameras. The image sensor is a little disc inside the camera that captures the light and turns it into an image. Consumer camcorders, HD or not, have tiny sensors while professional cameras have much larger ones which are able to process the light into much better images. Usable sound is also very difficult to capture correctly for inexperienced videographers.

Busness Website Video for Los Angeles and the North Bay Area

The point is: video has a lot to it. We have the right equipment, we have the time, we have the talent, and we have the experience, all wrapped up into one neat package. You don’t have to learn it. We can be your guide. Don’t settle for a homemade substandard product. Let us show your business off as the masterpiece that it really is.

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