How video can improve your San Francisco Business Website’s SEO value

How is your San Francisco business’s website doing? Is it easy to find when your industry is searched on Google? Once your website is found, how long do potential customers stay on it before they move on to the next flashy thing that catches their eye?

Search Engine Optimization is important for any website, because it effects how likely you are to be found, which of course, directly affects your sales. With Google’s new hummingbird algorithm, they now have more of a focus on good quality content, than ever before. Google is now focusing on whether your site has blocks of quality text, gorgeous photos, and optimized video content, rather than a bunch of keywords stuffed here and there.

Most websites have text and photos. A lot of websites are getting videos at a rapid pace, but video can still be your ace in the hole. If you have video before your competitors do, you can build a following that they just can’t do without video. And even if they do have video, it doesn’t mean they’re using it right.

San Francisco Video Production

Video can play double duty on your San Francisco business website. It can be used to add SEO value to your website, especially when optimized correctly, but it can also be used to up your conversion rate, by building trust in your brand, and turning those potential clients into buying customers. Video can add a reason for people to return to your website, especially if they see that it will be updated on a regular basis. If you use videos correctly, it can take your business in a completely new direction. It may be the missing puzzle piece to your success.

Story Sellers has the expertise needed to tell your story in the best way possible. You don’t have to know how to pull it off, you just have to tell us your story, and we’ll take it from there. You will get a product that you can be proud of. It’s what we do.

San Francisco website gone viral

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