How to Tell Your Story

  • Obtain more clients
  • Increase sales
  • Convey your value proposition
  • Engage new customers
  • Connect with ideal clients

We will never know the first story ever told, or the name of the first storyteller, or how many people he or she told the story to, or what it was about. It's possible, in fact, that the first story predates language, that is was traced with a stick in the mud or acted out rather than spoken.

All we can know with any reasonable degree of certainty is that they story was one of humanity's earliest and most useful tools. Chipping stone allowed us to become better predators, harnessing fire allowed us to stay warm and safe, but stories let us remember the past, interpret the present, and dream about the future.

Constructing a corporate story is, in many respects, not that much different from sitting around a campfire exchanging tales. All the campfire storytellers have to do is capture the imaginations of their audience.

Saying "Miracle Soap gets your clothes 90 times cleaner than other laundry liquids" isn't a story. It is a product claim. It lacks theme, plot development, and characters. The best stories tend to be affirmations rather than negations.

To tell a story, you have to know who you are starting with. You have to know where you are going, and what happens in the middle. Your story should be fast paced, direct, and get you to the message.

Remember, (and this is THE MOST IMPORTANT...) the endgame is ENGAGEMENT - building a meaningful and sustainable relationship with an audience, one video viewer at a time.

When it comes to shaping your company story, you can relax a bit. Odds are your "story" was actually created a millennium or two or three ago. All you have to do is adapt a few new details to a time-honored plot.

Examples of story plots:

  • Authenticity - Coca-Cola - "It's the real thing."
  • Authority - "You're in good hands with Allstate."
  • Continuity of tradition - "Family owned and operated since..."
  • Credibility - "Established 1935."
  • Acknowledged source of innovation - "At GE, we bring good things to life."
  • Kinship - "Kraft Foods - the World’s Favorite Foods."
  • Collective Strength - "The Power of Blue."
  • Growth and evolution - "Dow - Improving Lives Daily."
  • Originality - "Victorinox - the Original Swiss Army Knife."


Story Telling Using Videos


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Story telling with videos


Story telling with videos


Story telling with videos