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When It Comes to Storytelling, You Can't Beat Video!

By Michele Campbell

If a picture is worth a thousand words, I'd wager video is worth at least twice that. When I arrived at a former job in the performing arts I was shocked that the organization's website had no audio or video. Interesting. This is an orchestra with a web site that featured no music. I don't think I need to explain why web traffic was low and social media activity non-existent. And it's not surprising that when we invested time and money in re-creating the website and including video and audio, traffic - and ticket sales - improved dramatically.

So, for those of you with development goals, causes to promote, audiences to engage, you will have more success if you include video in your content plan. Did you know that in December 2010, the average American spent 14+ hours watching video online and streamed a record 201 videos? (See comScore's "2010 U.S. Digital Year in Review".) I can't think of a better way to engage people in causes than by sharing compelling stories that inspire action. SPCAs are doing a good job with this right now. Think about that Sarah McLachlan spot for the ASPCA - it gets me misty every time. It powerfully combines words, music and video to create a compelling, emotional story that moves the audience to act.

Consider your cause and picture your unique story coming to life on screen. Are you helping kids afflicted with cancer, saving your state's natural treasures, assisting families displaced by a disaster? Your story told visually will positively impact your ability to raise funds that directly help you fulfill your mission.

I can hear my non-profit marketing friends saying: "But, video is expensive." Sure, it can be. But digital technology has made video much less expensive than in the past. I encourage you to look at your budget, move things around, and/or start saving - think about the big picture and how this investment can bring you more dollars. The old marketing adage is true: you have to spend money to make money. You can also start small if necessary. Grab your smartphone: ask a participant at your charity walk why (and usually for whom) they are walking; feature animals at your shelter; ask an employee what inspires her to work for your organization. Posting short clips like this on your site and social networks will engage more people than having no videos at all.

However you choose to incorporate video into your content plan, you'll want to show decision- makers results that justify time and dollars spent. The more positive results you share, the more likely you will be able to acquire larger budgets for future videos. Here's an informative article on measuring the ROI of online video.

Storytelling is the key to successful cause marketing. And, in my opinion, video is a must-have for any organization's content strategy. Your mission is worth the investment.


Story Telling Using Videos


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Story Telling Using Videos

Story Telling Using Videos


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The rise of video in 2013

As companies further embrace the need for content, video is becoming a bigger part of editorial calendars and content teams.

Gone are the days of shooting a 10 minute interview and slapping it up on YouTube. Consumers' tastes have become more sophisticated and short form video content has become our brain candy.

But what will 2013 bring the industry in terms of video?

We reached out to a few industry experts as part of our January trends series to see what they thought we'd see in terms of video strategies in the upcoming year. Have you planned some stellar video content and put the budget in to make it happen?

Matt Lawrence, Creative Director of Studio at Huge

Companies need to realize that video has become the primary channel for consuming content online. Quality video content balances information and entertainment that viewers can relate to their daily lives, on a visceral level. The word of the year for 2013 is "story."

Original content and pre-roll spots are exploding on platforms like Vimeo, YouTube, Google Video ads, as well as with large brands like Chivas Regal (with the "Here's to Real Friends" campaign), GE and Goldman Sachs. Consumers want to be inspired. Find out their interests and create compelling stories around their lifestyles. Brands can blur the lines between creating an experience and selling a product.