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Philanthropic efforts

Every person has a story, every family, every building, every city, and every business has a story to tell. Maybe the most important story that needs to be told is that of the volunteer and non-profit community. Consider your cause and picture your unique story coming to life on screen. Are you helping kids afflicted with cancer, saving your state's natural treasures, assisting families displaced by a disaster? Your story told visually will positively impact your ability to raise funds that directly help you fulfill your mission.

The team at Storysellers sets aside a percentage of all videos we make to pay for the costs associated with video production for qualifying non-profits. If you or someone you know is operating a non-profit and you would like the StorySellers organization to create a video for fundraising or any other need, please contact us on the button below. Tell us your story and why you would like us to create a cinematic quality video for your use. Our philanthropic advisory panel will sift through all requests to determine which non-profits we will assist.

We wish that we could satisfy all incoming requests. Please understand that if your organization is selected or not, the cause you seek to fill is very important. Often times you are fighting for someone that can't fight for themselves. We applaud your efforts and wish you the best. Together we can - and will - make a difference.

To be considered for our next philanthropic project,
please use the Quote Request Form and give us your details.

Philanthropic Video Marketing

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"We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give." - Winston Churchill



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