About StorySellers

StorySellers is a unique marketing company that utilizes video to bring you additional customers and increase your market share. It's pretty simple. What we do is the following:

  1. Our marketing team meets with you to identify and sharpen your Unique Sales Proposition (USP). We call it “your story” – that is the reason customers come to you instead of your competition.
  2. Our production team meets to draft a script of “your story.” We have a Creative Producer heading each of the Northern California and Southern California markets. This is a cinematic quality movie trailer to not only convey your USP, but to leave the viewer with a definite call to action at the end of the video. Then we produce the video with high quality equipment, actors, cinematography, and professional editing.
  3. We put the final video on your website and develop a strategy to optimize your social media campaign, new client outreach, and other methods to bring you more customers.

Our production teams, both in Northern and Southern California markets, are professionals with many years of production and editing experience with in-depth knowledge of identifying and discovering a crisp USP.

Our sales teams are made up from experienced marketers, sales, and film industry trained professionals.

Additional services include:

  1. Tracks and measures the response to their message.
  2. Provide feedback to each client on the results.

Business owners work hard at providing exceptional goods or services. We work hard at opening the floodgates of new business opportunities.

We can distribute our client’s Video any of the following ways:

  • Website
  • Social Media
  • QR Codes
  • GPS blasts
  • Smart phone applications
  • Metadata technology – video search

Do you feel that your business would substantially benefit if more people understood your unique value proposition?

Are you ready for the floodgates of new customers to come your way?

Here is an example of a video that we produced for our own company:

Here is another video where I discuss our strategy and method:

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