Benefits of using Video Marketing

  • Effective marketing
  • Low cost, high results
  • Create loyal customers
  • Client retention
  • Improve customer experience

Video changing the way we interact and market

Online video plays a central role in the new marketing ecosystem. Consumers love it, seek it out, and share it actively across their networks-everything from their favorite ads to longer-form entertainment, informational, and instructional content. A uniquely vivid and compelling medium, video has an unmatched ability to tell stories, convey information, and evoke an emotional response; whether or not a minute of video is actually worth 1.8 million words, as calculated by Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research, there's no questioning its exceptional potency for marketing.

Becoming the New Content Marketer- Capturing Consumers' Attention in a More Social World

Content is king! Content marketing now plays a significant role across the customer lifecycle, helping marketers attract and retain customers with relevant, useful or entertaining information. Video has emerged as one of the most effective forms of content marketing, especially when integrated with social media. This whitepaper covers how marketers can easily integrate video into their current content marketing strategy, how to overcome integration challenges and the benefits of cloud content services to reduce costs and complexity.


Using Video to Sell Products

Video marketing is the perfect way to sell goods and services online. Videos work well on landing, lead capture and sales pages. You can also use marketing videos to sell your products on other websites.

Unlike brick and mortar stores, online stores can reach millions of people worldwide. By capturing your goods and services on “film” you can give your customers a chance to see and hear you. Film creates an almost personal connection with you and what you are offering.  Keep your message simple and your voice friendly. Be believable and provide trust for your customers. Trust is the key that will keep customers coming back to your site and purchasing your products.

Tips from Expert Marketers who Use Video

·         Videos can entertain and interest your visitors. They will return to learn more about what interests them concerning your products.

·         Video sharing websites help increase sales for your business.

·         Create product demonstration videos and take your customers through the steps of using your goods and products.

·          Videos are great SEO tools. Using video on your website ensures that you may bring in 53% more traffic.

·          When potential customers watch a video, they are almost 80% more likely to buy your products.

·         Get started now and see if online video marketing works for you. You don’t need professional equipment or software and editing skills. All you need is to make a good point and deliver the content.

·         Engage someone who is your company’s cheerleader. Put them in front of the camera. Marketing professionals are not always the best ones to be the star of brand videos. The best salesperson is the one who can be enthusiastic about what you are selling.

·         If you are a beginner in video marketing, use the reverse (selfies) feature on your iPhone. If you make a mistake or mess up, don’t worry. You will come across as human and believable.

·         Be authentic and transparent. Show passionate and be honest about what you are selling. Get those videos out on Digg, Reddit and StumbleUpon. Try posting on Facebook.

·         Use the expertise of other bloggers and webmasters in your marketing niche. Ask if you can be a guest on their sites. All you want is exposure.

·         Be sure and mention your website address in your video.

·         Include other people in your marketing technique. Interviews are great; product reviews are wonderful and talking about your guests is the perfect marketing ploy.

·         Create compelling content in your video. What a huge opportunity to get your message across in a very positive way. Tell a story and ask everyone to use your products.

·         Create searchable content and utilize the step-by-step teaching techniques. Computers plus webcams equal great tutorials.


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